Whether you work within an anti-trafficking organization, discuss the issue with friends, or just rethink the purchases you make daily, the biggest aid in the fight against human trafficking is you - and your power as an individual agent of change.

Take Action: 3 Ways You Can Help

  1. Speak Out
    Each voice that spreads the word about the problem is important. Share the story with your friends, colleagues, and fellow concerned citizens. Work with others to promote awareness, action, and dialogue.
  2. Lobby Local Policymakers
    If you want to see something done about human trafficking in your area, reach out to your local politicians. Schedule a meeting with them to emphasize why trafficking should be on their priority list and suggest ways they can help end this problem.
  3. Avoid Products and Companies that Facilitate Human Traffficking
    Human trafficking often operates alongside legitimate businesses. From chocolate companies to electronics producers, a number of corporations use human trafficking and forced labor as a means of making the most profit on their product.

SAAS holds meetings and workshops throughout the year, with guest speakers
and a variety of program topics related to human trafficking.

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